Website Monitoring

Are you wasting a lot of money on your website and related on-going marketing  services?  Make sure your website can be reached.

When your website under performs you lose customers….

In today’s digital economy, consumers have access to more information than ever before. This means when a potential customer visits your website, you have a short time frame to catch their attention. One of the quickest ways to lose that attention is a slow-loading or unavailable website.

Consider the following:

  • 79 percent of potential customers no longer revisit unavailable or underperforming websites.
  • Approximately 46 percent develop a lasting negative impression.
  • Even worse, 44 percent share their poor website experience with others.
  • Do you know how your web site compares to your competitors sites for delivery speed and consistent availability?

Your web site hosting vendor may have too many web site clients including you on a server making your web site unstable, slow, and even at times unavailable to your clients and potential customers.

If your web site doesn’t perform at or above your competitors  in availability and speed,  a lot of the marketing  dollars you pay for Google adds , SEO,  social media, and other types of advertising  is wasted money.

You need an independent website monitoring service that has no conflicts of interest.  TBS Automation does not host or design websites.

Unfortunately, up to now there has been no low cost effective way to monitor and know when your website is suffering from the above.  TBS Automation can provide 24/7 Monitoring and History to alert you when your web site is having connectivity and performance issues causing potential lost sales and revenue.

Starting at $ 29.  Per  month,  No long term obligation, Just  month to month billing.

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