Implementing Technology to Successfully Achieve Return on Investment for your Organization.

TBS can provide the consulting and technical expertise you need to help insure the success of your next technology project. From assessing the feasibility of a technology solution in your organization, to analyzing and redesigning your organization’s information systems, to managing the implementation of your entire computer system, TBS is ready to be there with you. TBS’ automation consulting and services capabilities are based on logical, step-by-step industry procedures. We provide a sensible and cost-effective strategy which follows clearly defined phases.

Opportunity Assessment

Is the technology applicable to my organization? Can my present computer resources fit into the needed solution? TBS will review your individual organizational objectives and requirements to develop the best solution.

Workflow Process Analysis

What type of information and/or accounting system do I need? How can I integrate automation into my current day-to-day activity? TBS provides a conceptual design based on evaluating and improving your current workflow processes.

System Justification Analysis

How can my organization really benefit from the technology? How can I justify an information, accounting, or work-process system? TBS can help you identify not only cost savings, but also tangible and intangible benefits in your organization.

Solution Design

What system meets my requirements? How do I architect a solution that meets my current requirements and has growth? How can I design a technology solution with as many standard products as possible? We can define a functional and technical design which can provide the “blueprint” for your system. At this critical juncture, TBS can provide the resources necessary to test the solution design via the TBS Simulation Center.

System Implementation

Where can I acquire the skills to implement the system in a timely manner? How can I put an information system into production? TBS can provide the detailed system design, implementation, and integration/installation of the system components.

Post Implementation Support

Am I getting the most operating efficiency out of my computer system? How can I take full advantage of all the benefits? TBS can provide operational support services and post-implementation review to guarantee optimal benefit from your new system.

Education and Training

How can I maximize the productivity of my workforce? What can I do to educate others in my organization about the technology and the benefits it can bring to my business? TBS can develop and perform custom training courses for the users of the new system. All of the above can provide your organization with the right solution to increase productivity, improve workflow quality, and enhance operational management. Our Technical Center allows us to evaluate first-hand the latest software and hardware developments. This insures the availability of the latest technology to our clients.

The TBS Technical Simulation Center eliminates many potential problems ahead of time since solutions to your organization’s needs can be tried out off-site without any disruption to your present office computer system. Additionally, our unique Simulation Center can reduce the lead time and man-hours required to implement any type of information system.