Network and Internet Security.

There’s No Such Thing as a Small Data Breach

High profile data breaches are becoming increasingly common as companies of all sizes, across all industries, centralize data and store it electronically. Well-known names like Target, eBay, UPS, and Home Depot have all been in the news with major data breaches that have damaged their brands and put their customer relationships at risk – and those are just the breaches you hear about! Most data breaches never make the headlines for every breach you hear about on the evening news, there are hundreds that you don’t.

On average, each record that’s impacted in a data breach could cost your business $188 per customer transaction for things like credit-monitoring services, customer communications, expert investigations, and legal fees. But the monetary cost is only the beginning. You may also have to deal with:

  • Navigating 51 different laws governing 50 separate jurisdictions
  • Sending notifications to affected customers and government agencies
  • Losing the hard-earned trust of your customers, patients, or employees
  • Attempting to rebuild your business’ damaged reputation

WatchGuard logo-smallThe numbers don’t lie – for small businesses, data breaches are difficult to discover and potentially difficult to recover from when they occur.

Good network security starts with the entry points on your network (internet, wifi, computers, PCI Compliance for POS devices). TBS can perform an on-site security analysis to determine the security holes in your network.

Since 2006 TBS Automation has  provided   WatchGuard  firewall systems and services to protect our clients.


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