Case Studies

Restaurant Equippers More Than Doubles Business with Help of Socius and Microsoft Dynamics

  • The previous system Restaurant Equippers was using was 15 years old and discontinued by the software developer, causing the company to turn its attention to implementation of a more sophisticated ERP system
  • The company needed to know whether it was targeting the right customer base and they needed to ensure it was carrying the optimal product mix.
  • Dealing in large items, it wanted the ability to analyze freight costs and select the lowest priced carriers to minimize total cost of ownership for customers. Expecting rapid growth, Restaurant Equippers knew the chosen solution must support significant company expansion.
  • Socius was chosen as the partner for a Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation.
  • The solution had most of the desired functionality right out of the box and it operated with a Microsoft SQL Server database, the familiar tool already used for their warehouse management system.
  • The availability of the consultant and the partner support team helped to make the transition painless for Restaurant Equippers.
  • Restaurant Equippers is fulfilling 2½ times the previous fulfillment rate as a result of technology tool gains and changes in business practices.
  • The new solution has provided the desired analysis tools.

“We couldn’t have done it without a solution like Dynamics GP that makes it all possible.”

– Roger Wadsworth, General Manager at Restaurant Equippers.

The Gorilla Glue Company Sticks with Dynamics GP to Grow with the Business

The Gorilla Glue Company is a manufacturer and distributor of “tough, strong” glue and tape products

When they selected a Socius Distribution Solution, they recognized that it would be a long-term solution that they could grow with.  “It was the best fit for our organization,” said Brent Zellner, Director of Information Technology for The Gorilla Glue Company.  “We knew that we could grow into it – it may have been a little large at the beginning, but we felt that we could go for years and years with it.” And they have – The Gorilla Glue Company has been using their Socius Distribution Solution to manage and automate financial and business processes since 1999.


Over the years, they have adapted the solution to maximize its efficiency for their users.  “We really watch what our people are doing, how much movement they are doing,” Zellner said.  “We are all about clicks and how many clicks each user is doing.  We’ve handled that with some modifications to some key screens that keep people from having to go into interior screens.”


Not only do Gorilla Glue’s users work more efficiently due to the way that the system works, but also thanks to the continuity that it provides.   The system not only offers continuity in things like part numbers and customer numbers, but it also provides continuity for the users which results in “increased efficiencies for employees so that they see the same things every day and it doesn’t change for them, even when we are upgrading versions.  It’s cut down on our learning curve, enabling us to move ahead.”


Additionally, it addresses some unique inventory issues that Gorilla Glue faces.  “We have a combination of kits and BOM that we can handle seamlessly,” Zellner noted.

“It’s helped streamline everything from our invoicing process, to our ordering process, to things that we do out in the warehouse,” added Gorilla Glue’s IT Systems Administrator, Aaron Back.

Dynamics NAV Cloud Provides Data Hub for Metal Forming Companies

  • The St. Clair Group struggled to get all of their data into one location in order to make strategic business decisions based on solid information that was all in one format.
  • Clair is a manufacturing business that wanted to focus on manufacturing, they did not want to maintain servers or software.
  • Clair Group implemented a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 deployed via the cloud.
  • The St. Clair Group now has a central hub where all of their data is located, so no matter what challenge arises that day, they can go to the system and find the information they need to determine the best solution.
  • They are now able to not have an IT department and focus completely on their business.
  • The St. Clair Group has seen numerous inventory savings from the implementation of their new software.

“Working with Socius has improved the way we do business because they ask the tough questions.”

– Jason Nicolaou, Sales & Marketing Manager at St. Clair Group

A Clean Solution For Neundorfer, Inc.

Neundorfer, Inc. applies experience and knowledge to help customers enhance and optimize the performance of particulate collection equipment. “It is our passion to constantly improve our products and services for the benefit of our customers – providing solutions that reduce emissions and costs while improving efficiency and safety,” says Mike Neundorfer, President.

  • Nuendorfer Inc. had been lacking integration between financial, manufacturing, and sales software proved to be inefficient and costly.
  • The business was constantly looking for workarounds that would allow them to get the data they needed to run the business. They extract data from each package and re-enter it on spreadsheets to get the desired reports.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP provided a software that integrates all of these, and Socius provided a business plan to work on the integration of current software to Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • The company’s Microsoft Dynamics GP solution delivers integrated functionality from the manufacturing floor to the sales staff, from accounting to the field service representatives.
  • The company’s weekly production meeting now takes just 20 minutes instead of the hour it used to. “Every week, each of the eight people in the meeting saves 40 minutes – that’s a significant savings”
  • By utilizing the Microsoft SQL Server, Neundorfer no longer needs to spend up to 8 hours each week creating the company’s most vital report. Now they can monitor cash flow, projections, total backlog, and other key performance indicators in real time.

“Socius has been a true partner in the project, offering exceptional advice
that helps us continually improve our operations,”

– Jean Ockuly, Vice President of Finance for Neundorfer

Restaurant Equipment Distributor Finds Efficiency Solutions with NetSuite

  • Socius provided Burkett with NetSuite, a solution that the company felt gave them efficiency and effectiveness as a whole
  • NetSuite enhanced Burkett’s real time reporting; they could now create the best practices and easier integration for their business
  • Burkett is able to repurpose their work at a much faster rate which previously had inefficiencies
  • Socius’ expertise with technology as well as business experience enabled exceptional success with implementing NetSuite for Burkett

“The partnership with Socius has helped us with connecting technology and business together to build the solution to be the optimal restaurant equipment supplier solution.”

– Jameel Burkett, CEO & President of Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

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