Managed IT

TBS Total Care Proactive Managed IT Services

TBS is proud to offer unparalleled, client-focused, scalable Managed IT Services. Our unique expertise in both network systems and accounting systems enables us to ensure that your business’s most vital technologies remain “best friends”. Our month-to-month contracts are easy to understand, and only cover the services you want – no paying for prepackaged bundles of services you may not need. Our services can function as an extension of any business, providing proactive IT support that helps prevent problems before they happen, and fixes problems quickly and effectively when they do – minimizing the impact on business operations. If you’re thinking about using Managed IT Services, or have questions call TBS today  856.424.3247 option 3 for a complimentary consultation.

TBS can provide a comprehensive set of Security Services to defend your ERP and Accounting Data from loss, hacker attack, and theft.

Our Operation Center monitors, manages and maximizes your complete network infrastructure including servers, firewalls, switches and workstations by providing maintenance, updates, patch management, issue resolution and extensive reporting.

Let’s face it- on-site service calls can get expensive, especially if a technician has to determine the problem after they get to your location. With TBS Auto Focus, we see what you see – before we arrive. In some cases we can eliminate the need for an on-site service call, by letting us guide you through the necessary steps to resolve your issue. Using your mobile device, TBSAuto Focus gives you access to our service solutions, no matter where the problem is.  Whether it’s hardware, software, or network related, a technician can virtually determine the problem. Call us today and see how TBS can use the latest technology to take care your network AND your bottom line.

It’s in the news every week. Cyber attacks on governments, foreign and domestic corporations, and notable people have become so commonplace that you might not even realize how much you hear about them. The incidence of so many high-profile cases might lead you to think that hackers only go after huge corporations and celebrities, but that’s not true. All businesses are at risk, large and small. Hackers use ransomware viruses to encrypt your data, cutting off your access to your own hard drive or server, until you pay them a “ransom” to get it back. Don’t let your business be vulnerable to the ever-increasing threat of ransomware. TBS’ Ransom Resistance system keeps your data secure and your business moving forward. Contact us today and let us show you how.

TBS can provide the redundancy of both cloud based and physical data storage, giving you extra assurance that your critical data is there when you need it.

Your network infrastructure is crucial to your business. Without current technology your business will not thrive yet technology planning is often over looked or ignored. We provide our customers with an ongoing IT strategy including: business software applications, network infrastructure, budgeting, resourcing and planning.

From spreadsheets to email to cutting-edge ERP software, the computer is the heart and soul of business today. With TBS, you have access to level I, II, and III level help desk support, from technicians located in the USA.

With real-time reporting increasingly available on mobile devices, critical decisions can be made anywhere. Nothing should come between you and your data, even when you’re on the road. TBS seamlessly integrates your mobile devices into your existing network, so you can make informed choices no matter where you are.