Tips for Improved Inventory Control: Part 7/8

28. If you are managing a made-to-order manufacturing operation, does your software have a product configurator that generates customizable bills-of-material (BOM) on an order-by-order basis? Can you provide a custom quote to a prospective customer and then convert that custom configuration into both a customer order and production work order?

29. Can you track actual value-added costs (VAC) such as labor, overhead, and vendor-provided services by production work order and roll-up these VACs into the cost of the product?

If your present software provides all of the functionality discussed above that is relevant to your current and foreseeable management needs, then there is no need to purchase new business software. However, if your inventory control is deficient, you should review the setup of your software controls, consider further software training for your staff, and review your operating procedures with respect to matching them with the business logic employed by your software.

However, if your software is deficient in more than just one or two areas, then you should begin to research new business software options.